GSA Marketing For Federal Government Purchasing

FedBizOpps – Marketing to the US Government also means working with the General Service Administration (GSA). The GSA is charged with systematizing and overseeing purchasing for the civil federal government. Working with their systems will help a business do business with the federal government.

GSA eLibrary
One manner the GSA gets best value is through contracts that they collect and call schedules. These schedules are pre-approved prices for products and services. Once a company has a schedule contract it is placed in the collective system called eLibrary. GSA eLibrary can then be used by government purchasing personnel to find vendors.

GSA Advantage!
GSA Advantage! is another online collective system used by government purchasing personnel for those who have a schedule contract. Where eLibrary will give detailed contract and vendor information, GSA Advantage! will let purchasing personal order from this system. Consider it more product or services oriented. FedBizOpps

GSA e-Buy
GSA e-Buy is a component of GSA Advantage! that will let purchasers develop a Request for Quote (RFQ) or a Request for Proposal (RFP). A RFQ takes just over a month to come to an order. A RFP takes much longer, just short of nine months to come to an order.
FedBizOpps is the GSA system for products or services over $25,000. All purchases above that amount must be put out for competition through FedBizOpps. It can be searched frequently for business opportunities. Searchable criteria can be vast, which makes narrowing opportunities easy and specific. Also, it can be set to send notifications for opportunities that arise for a business. Fed Biz Ops

The GSA keep a bi-monthly print magazine called MarkeTips. This magazine highlights all kind of news for procurement in the federal government. The upside for business is that it offers free advertisement for schedule contract holders.

There is more to the GSA than mentioned that can be used to get federal business, but this is a primer. There are a lot of opportunities for small business with the federal government. Still, like any other market it takes time and understanding to penetrate it.Fed Biz Ops

More Federal Purchasing Information

Get more information about federal purchasing. Learn how the definition of procurement impacts federal purchasing. Also, learn about the GSA magazine and how to utilize it to get your business known with federal purchasers.

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